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Our Process

Whether you've got a sample, spec sheet or just a sketch, we can help you get up and running.

Getting Started

To get started, there are one of two options:

Your first option is to upload your sketch or spec sheet(s) of the pieces you want created. From there, the manufacturers will turn your ideas into a CAD. Once completed, CAM will be utilized to develop a wax prototype. This piece will then be implemented and used in the casting stage.

The second option is to send us a physical copy of your pieces to which we’ll ship directly to our manufacturers. As per the first option, the manufacturers will use your copy to develop a mold for the casting stage.

Once your design is submitted

We'll get it designed into two formats for production


Computer Aided Design is used to develop a 3D rendering of your sketch or spec sheet. It allows the manufacturers to see the design at every angle, and to map out where the prongs should be placed.


Computer Aided Manufacturing uses the design from the previous step and combines it with a software program and machinery to create a physical wax prototype of your piece.

Lost Wax Casting

We use lost wax casting to create every piece. Our production begins once you've been quoted and you've selected your quantities. Benchwork offers flexible order quantities for all types of brands.
  • 1
    Wax Form Creation
    The design is turned into a wax rendering with the help of CAM.
  • 2
    Mould Making
    The manufacturer places the wax rendering into the investment and flask. Once the investment has hardened, the flask will be placed into a kiln to melt the wax in order to create the hollow mould.
  • 3
    The molten material is poured into the mould to take shape of the mould. Once the metal has completely solidified, the flask will be placed into water to dissolve the investment, allowing for the piece to emerge.

Finishing Touches

After the lost wax casting stage, the team will add the finishing touches.

Plating will occur at this stage. Pieces that require plating are submerged into the metal and placed to the side to dry.

Stone Setting

For designs with stones, a set of prongs would've been added during the wax casting stage. Our crafters will shave down the prongs to ensure the stone(s) fit perfectly.

Engraving + Polishing

If the piece any requires engraving, it'll be done at this stage. Once completed, the crafter will polish the piece by hand. Voilà! Your piece is done.

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