Working with customers just got a whole lot easier

Improve customer management and your bottom line.

Benchwork is built to streamline and reduce the time needed to plan new products + designs with your customers, giving you more time to focus on production.
Build trust

Organize your time consuming tasks

Emails and chat apps aren't the best way to keep track of product specifications. We centralize all the back-and-forth communication in one place so you can work faster with your customers and plan production effectively.
Improve your bottom line

Find the right customers

Get connected with vetted customers that are ready to buy. No need to bid and drive down your margins. No more haggling and giving away high commissions to a third party. Benchwork sources and vets customers saving you time and money.
Save time

Seamless integrations to save you money

Connect your existing ERP, OMS, PIM, CRM system and reduce the administrative work needed to go from design to production.
Grow your customers

Join Benchwork and 10x your customer base