We make it easy to find serious customers

Benchwork was built to help you win new customers for 90% less and make your admin team 200% more efficient
Centralized RFP's

Get matched with the right customers

Choose exactly who you want to work with

Pre - qualified Customers

We make sure customers are serious buyers before match-making.

Intelligent Quoting

Easy, customized quoting portal. Say goodbye to messy email threads

Match Making

Only receive inquiries that match your production  needs and growth goals

Extensive Customer Profiles

We make sure customers are serious buyers before match-making.

Communicate easier

Keep your customers coming back

All the tools you need to keep customers informed and satisfied with your service
Automated Product Notifications
Update production status of every order and we'll notify your customers automatically
In - app messaging
Talk with customers directly through the app. No more lost messages in email, WeChat and Whatsapp
Eric T.
Hey Matt! I've uploaded the latest spec sheets for you
Matt V.
Awesome, I'll check them out now, excited to see the updates!
Eric T.
Let me know if you have any questions, happy to hop on a call
Production Planning
Coming Soon

Maximize your production queue

Save time and stay aligned with a single source of data for everyone on your team
In Production
Emma B.
5000 Units- Verified
In Queue
Will P.
15,000 Units -Verified
In Queue
Jessica M.
9800 Units - Verified
Tran P.
50,000 Units - Verified
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